STA Acquired OGTAN Membership

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STA Acquired OGTAN Membership

20 Febraury 2023

Join us as we celebrate SUBWEB Technical Academy, STA has played a leading role in developing Human Capital in Nigeria through innovative programs such as the DPDFITP (Diving Personnel Development Foundation Intensive Training Programs) which has been a template for many programs in the industry today.

SUBWEB is actively involved in training SCUBA Divers to upgrade with the purpose of building local human capital capacity in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry and act as a business group that interfaces with Operators, International Organizations and the Nigerian government.

SUBWEB's sole aim is to promote the development of Human Capacity Building in Nigeria. SUBWEB is a member of OGTAN, the independent umbrella Group of Training Services Providers in the Oil and Gas Sector established by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board in 2010, representing the Education and Training Sectorial Group of the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF) under Section 58 of the NOGICD Act (2010).