About CEO / President

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Julius Ugwala FCILM.USA

CEO & President

With over 28 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Sector, approx. 10+ years strong project management experience.
In addition, world class education through in-house and professional trainings with certifications in subsea Engineering, Marine, Diving, ROV, Dynamic Positioning in United Kingdom, United State, Spain etc. Position held-Currently, "The Chief Inspector of Diving". Also held various management positions which include:

  • Director of operations
  • Vessel Operational Manager
  • Offshore Diving Manager
  • OIMR Vessel Offshore Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Construction Diving Lead
  • Technical Manager-ROV & Diving
  • Technical Advisor in Diving
  • Diving Superintendent/Supervisor


Although I started my carrier as a Diver and progress to become Subsea Installation Engineer including holding director /Management position. I am a proud father of four wonderful kids. Presently the President/CEO of SUBWEB Oil & Gas Service Limited, SUBWEB Technical Academy & PREJAVIN Integrated Services Limited.

Specialized In

Provide engineering services, primarily to the offshore energy industry. Specializes in the life cycle of an offshore oilfield Subsea & Marine Construction management, drilling to decommissioning.

Operate world's work class ROVs. Lead offshore oilfield team to execute installation, maintenance subsea structures. Umbilical, hardware, tooling. Applied technology expertise to aid the function of the Oil & Gas Sector.

Provide Technical Support. Passionate professionals who take pleasure in leading a high performing team to drive delivery, innovate for oriented solutions for clients.


MBA in Health & Safety Leadership

Student of Catholic University of Murcia

M.Sc. in Project

University of Roehampton London.
United Kingdom

Advance Diploma in Human Resource Management

Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership Business School. Deleware, USA.

Advance Diploma in Entrepreneur & Business Management

Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership Business School. Deleware, USA.