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Our Mission

To advance human potential by empowering today’s team and investing in leaders, increasing access to high quality education for everyone, everywhere, enhancing teaching and learning both on site and online, and advancing teaching and learning through research.

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Our Vision

To remain a highly professional ACADEMY and market leader in the broad based maritime industry, providing unparalleled training delivered by passionate, motivated, and proactive instructors with decades of experience in the Oil & Gas Sector.

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Our Core Values

Honesty ❖ Team work & Partnership ❖ Professional pride & dedication to service delivery ❖ Reliability, dependability, Integrity/ fairness ❖ Quality/ Safety/ Excellence ❖ Readiness ❖ Innovation ❖ “We can do it” Spirit

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Taking a campus tour is a great way to get a better idea of what it's like to be a student at the Subweb Technical Academy. what to expect:






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